Imagine the graceful feeling of fabric flowing around you, your new luxurious limbs lifting you, and everyone around you, to a place of wonder, playfulness, and beauty. 

No experience is required. 

Just a willingness to be exquisite. 

To awaken the archetypes within you of the many winged creatures, like an angel, a dragonfly, a butterfly, birds of song, birds of prey, dragons, fairies, or even a being as yet undiscovered. 

Or just to revel in the abstract form of beauty, of light playing through opalescent fabric, of feeling the air currents, communicating with the wind. 

To give blessings, to hide and then reveal, to tease, to create vortices and whirlwinds, to welcome, direct, or conduct. 

Dancing Wings are for all of this and more. 


Adult Wings

Kids' Wings